If you have a newsletter, this is exactly how you should do it.

I buy a lot of music online, so I get a lot of these sorts of emails from little labels and imprints around the world. Boomkat’s emails are always worth perusing, even if they’re frequently for items I don’t necessarily want to buy, especially in a physical format, but I just noticed this addition at the bottom. They’re giving me choices, not the just hard-line DO YOU OR DON’T YOU WANT EVERYTHING WE SEND OUT EVER approach that so many companies use when contacting their customers.

While not every company can offer a multitude of newsletters and the like to their customers through email blasts, you should ask yourself if there’s a way you can place the experience more firmly in their grasp by offering choices when possible. Do you do a daily email but not offer a digest version that condenses the week’s headlines for your business? Are you able give your customer the ability to opt-in for specifically the products they are interested in? Allowing clients to tailor your outreach for you ensures that their interests and/or needs will be met more effectively.

(For the record, I switched over to just the digital product emails because Boomkat is located in the UK and shipping costs are just plain murder.)

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